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Why is Fusion Mineral Paint Different?

You may be wondering why Fusion is different. The answer is pretty simple.

After a decade of research and development, Fusion's ground-breaking formulation is free of fillers that are common in competing products. Titanium dioxide is the whitening pigment in the paint and is also the most expensive ingredient, so competitors rarely add enough. This results in poor coverage, meaning more coats, and protective layers.

But Fusion Mineral Paints contain 100% acrylic resin and ZERO fillers such as latex and vinyl that are often times highly toxic. This results in a high performance paint that is extremely durable, waterproof, UV resistant, has excellent coverage, strong adhesion, and requires no top coat.

I choose to use only the best products when making my barn quilts and that's why I've chosen to use Fusion!  I also use Fusion at all my make & take workshops and in my home as well!


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