New to Painting? Start here!

If you have never painted before and want to know where to start, you've come to the right place! Here are my tips to give you the confidence to try Fusion and complete your own painting project! 


While using Fusion Mineral Paint requires minimal prep, it’s still important to do a few things before you begin painting. In most situations, all that's needed is a good cleaning. Make sure your item is free of dirt, dust, grease, and wax. I recommend using Fusion TSP to clean your item, but in a pinch, a product like Simple Green can also work well.

If you are painting a piece of wood that is lacquered or has a high gloss, try using a fine sandpaper (220 grit) to give it a light scuff sand. This will rough up the surface allowing the paint to adhere better.

However there are a few tough to paint materials where sanding is not an option such as glass, metal, laminate, etc.  I recommend using Fusion Ultra Grip for these projects. This is a clear product that contains 100% acrylic resin and is applied before painting. To use, apply a thin coat and allow 12 hours to cure before painting. That's it! 

Paint Brushes & Rollers

I recommend using a synthetic bristle brush or a microfiber roller when applying Fusion Mineral Paint. I carry several great brush options like the 2" Angled Paint Brush and the 4" Microfiber Roller that I love to use. It’s a matter of personal preference however, I find myself most often using a brush. If you’re painting a large flat surface, a roller might be more practical, however you’ll always need a brush for the little corners, crevices, and tight spots.

To prolong the life of your brush, make sure you always clean it with water immediately after using. You should continue to wash your brush until all the paint has been removed and the water in your sink runs clear. If you’re using a roller and you want to keep your roller from drying out between coats, simply wrap the roller head in plastic like saran wrap, or a plastic grocery bag, making sure the plastic bag is tight around the roller. This will ensure the roller stays damp with the paint  keeping it from drying out. 

Painting Tips

Treat your first coat almost like a primer coat. This coat should not be thick, heavy, globby, or runny. If your paint is pooling or running on any coat, you're applying too much paint. 

Paint in one direction using smooth, even brush strokes. If I’m painting wood, I generally choose to paint with the grain.

Fusion Mineral Paint also makes it easy to get a nice, even finish. Fusion is self-leveling and does most of the work for you, however it’s also important to know that Fusion starts drying fairly quickly once applied. My general rule of thumb is, within 30 seconds of applying paint to your surface, don’t brush back over it until it has dried. Brushing over the paint you’ve already applied as it starts to dry, causes brushstroke marks. 


Fusion Mineral Paint also has a built-in topcoat and is extremely durable however, in certain situations you may want to consider using Tough Coat. For pieces that receive a lot of use or for surfaces located in high traffic areas, I recommend using Tough Coat. It’s a water base topcoat that is very durable and won’t yellow overtime.  It can be applied with either a brush or a rag. 

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