Painting the New Nest

While I have quite a list of things I want to do to the new nest, I'm gonna start right here with painting. Painting is one of the easiest, least expensive ways to transform a space! I'm a HUGE fan of paint!! :)

The new nest currently has semi-gloss paint everywhere. I'm talking the walls and ceilings!! Not to mention, some of the walls and ceilings have texture too. So let's start with a little explanation of your choices when selecting a paint. 

The New Nest...

Living Room-
Hallway in the basement-

Stairs to the basement-


About Paint Sheen (or finish)

Traditionally, you would choose your paint's sheen based on the room that you're painting. Glossier paints tend to be easier to clean so using this finish in high-traffic rooms like the kitchen is fairly common. But by contrast, flatter paints hide imperfections better. So in a room, for example, that has some drywall issues, you would choose a flatter paint to hide those problem areas. 


Now for my thoughts on sheen...
I absolutely cannot stand my walls to reflect light!! Lol! I mean ever, in any room, regardless of the rooms function or what's considered standard by painters everywhere! I realize this is just personal preference and I have tried to explain my aversion to shiny walls, but the only thing I can come up with is that they appear more contemporary and also can distract from a rooms focal point. 

Choosing Paint Color

The sky is truly the limit when selecting colors, whether it's for interior or exterior purposes. But when it comes to painting walls, I'll just say it... I'm pretty basic! Lol! I prefer to keep my walls either white or very light in order to serve as a blank canvas for all the beautiful pieces I add to a space. By keeping a neutral palette, this allows the furniture and architectural details of the space to speak. Unless I want the actual paint color or an accent wall to take center stage in a room,  I keep it BASIC. :)

Now with that said, I am a huge fan of dark and moody and I adore deep, rich colors. In the right space, dark paint on a wall speaks volumes. Also, I love adding texture, color, and pattern with wallpaper. Wallpaper has come a long way and the peel and stick kind is just amazing. What easier way to change your walls than with a huge wall sticker?! Lol!

Here's a beautiful example of a dark wall done right! My friend @louisa_craven used her dark walls to create a rich, moody vibe with the perfect accent of wood tones and gold fixtures. Oh and those flocked trees are perfection here!!! 

Here's one of my favorite examples of wallpaper (which is actually a wall mural) in my friend Amanda's home @midcountry_journal Talk about a statement... swoon!

Now back to my beloved, basic white. You probably know there are 1 million shades of white and it's so easy to get caught up in that endless search. But I'm all about easy and honestly I give it zero thought. I could right to the paint aisle at my closest home improvement store and pick a base white right off the shelf. You know, the paint in the gallon cans before it's mixed with color. Now as a disclaimer to this, because I have learned the hard way. Pick a brand and stay with it! Not all base whites are the same shade of white and if you use Behr for one part of your room and finish the rest of the room in a base white from Benjamin Moore, you will be very sorry! You'll have 2 whites that don't match and you'll wind up repainting the whole room!

White in my breakfast room brings the contrast to the wood ceiling beams and puts the focus on my vintage and antique pieces. 

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