Welcome to Baker Nest

Welcome to Baker Nest

Born from my love of interior design, woodworking, history, education, & all things vintique, my idea for using Barn Quilts in home decor began in 2017.

As our nation continues to move away from a rural, farm-based life to an urbanized society, we must continue to pass down this unique American Folk Art in a way that is both relevant and beautiful.

At Baker Nest, we have a variety of products that are meant to inspire and  encourage others to take part in the Barn Quilt home decor movement while also making Barn Quilts accessible to anyone who loves the beauty and history of the quilt block. Barn Quilts bring a sense of warmth to any space, from outdoor porches and sheds to interior spaces including living rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms.

While we continue to design and hand-paint our own barn quilts that are ready for order, we also love empowering others to create their own designs too! We are  continually releasing new DIY pattern books that are complete step-by-step guides intended to walk even the novice DIYer through the barn quilt making process. 

Whether it’s creating a design for yourself or making a gift for another, these barn quilts are intended to bring the same love and handmade, creative touch to a home, just as the quilts we remember and cherish from the past and continue to appreciate today!

We hope you'll join in this journey with us and help spread the beauty of this uniquely American tradition!


~Katie, Jennie, & The Baker Nest Team


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