Made to Order: 1781 Cowpens Flag Barn Quilt

Made to Order: 1781 Cowpens Flag Barn Quilt

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Due to high demand and the handmade nature of this item, we ask you allow 2 weeks for production.  If you have questions or would like to request another pattern or size, please contact Katie via email



1781 Cowpen's Flag Barn Quilt is one of our most popular patterns ever! It is only available for order from May-July! 


Hand-Made & Hand-Painted, Wooden Barn Quilt 

Pattern: This pattern is based on the Cowpens Flag of 1781, an early version of the US flag that was carried by the 3rd Maryland Regiment. The Flag has 13 stars with one larger star in the center surrounded by a circle of 12 stars. 

Color: Fusion Colors- Homestead Blue & Raw Silk

Details: Each barn quilt is hand painted, by me, so no two pieces are exactly alike. The pattern is painted on wooden boards, then distressed and finished with a coat of polyacrylic for ultra durability. We recommend hanging our barn quilts inside or outside in a covered space, not in direct weather.