Dahlia Barn Quilt DIY Kit

Dahlia Barn Quilt DIY Kit

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Collection: Botanical

Description: Giant Dahlia Variation

While most of our patterns are drawn on a square grid, the Dahlia is not. This pattern also requires the use of a protractor, which is included in the kit, but not typical for our patterns. 

Difficulty: Advanced

Kit Contents:

Fusion Mineral Paint Testers

     -2 x Little Star

     -2 x Coral

     -1 x Casement

     -2 x Fort York Red

     -1 x Enchanted Echinacea

     -1 x Damask

Dahlia Barn Quilt Pattern Book

Foam Paint Brushes x 8

Blank Square Wood Pallets

     -1 x 22" x 22"