DIY Starter Kit *Beginners*

DIY Starter Kit *Beginners*

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Why we love this pattern...

1. It includes 2 basic, yet classic quilt blocks. 

2. The Classic Stars Collection Pattern contains added instruction for the novice.

3. Color options are endless & we included some of our favorites in the book. 

4. These patterns are truly perfect for any size pallet from mini to huge!!

Skill Level: Beginner- We recommend if you're new to barn quilting and want to get your feet wet, start here! 

Collection: Farmhouse

Description: Ohio Star & Crystal Star 

Kit Contents:

4- Fusion Mineral Paint Testers

     -2 x Bayberry

     -2 x Surprise Colors (We'll pick our favorites)

1- Classic Stars Collection Barn Quilt Pattern Book

4- Foam Paint Brushes 

2- 10" x 10" Blank Square Wood Pallet

1- Frog Tape (optional)