Stepping Stones DIY Kit *Limited Edition*

Stepping Stones DIY Kit *Limited Edition*

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Collection: Farmhouse 

Description: Stepping Stones Variation 

Difficulty: Easy-Intermediate

Pallet Size: Medium to Large (While our patterns are written in a way that makes them adaptable for any size square pallet, some patterns are more detailed and time consuming and we recommend those patterns for slightly larger pallets.)

Kit Contents:

Fusion Mineral Paint Testers

     -2 x Lamp White

     -2 x Midnight Blue

     -1 x Renfrew Blue

Stepping Stones Barn Quilt Pattern Book

Foam Paint Brushes x 3

Blank Square Wood Pallet

     -Your Choice 16" x 16"   OR  22" x 22"

*Optional: Frog Tape add-on

*Please note for this particular pattern, I stain over when finished. The stain is not included in this kit but can be purchased at your local stores.