Grand Canyon Barn Quilt Pattern

Grand Canyon Barn Quilt Pattern

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Grand Canyon National Park

Located in Arizona, Grand Canyon National Park is truly one of the most beautiful natural wonders one can see! This tribal pattern celebrates the Southwestern culture and it's muted color palette is inspired by the rusty colored bands of The Canyon and the beautiful blues of the Colorado River.


This pattern is a little unusual compared to most other Baker Nest Patterns Because it is rectangular in shape  (14 x 12 grid which is a 2.3 : 2 ratio).

In order to fit the pattern perfectly on the pallet with no space around it, or with minimal margins, you must have a pallet to fit the same proportions. This allows for squares within your grid, as opposed to rectangles making the column width the same as the row height.

Pre-made pallets in the proper size are also available for order under "Blank Wood and Other Materials" here on the website in 18" x 22" or 24" x 29"

Skill Level: Advanced

Pages: 14

Grid Size: 14 x 12


Description: Southwest Inspired Pattern

Collection: National Parks

Fusion Mineral Paint Colors Used: Champlain, Cathedral Taupe, Mustard, Champness, Cranberry, Midnight Blue


This pattern book is a complete Do-It-Yourself instruction guide that includes both written and drawn directions appropriate for the novice barn quilter to advanced. Each book walks you through, step-by-step from start to finish, including how to measure and draw the grid, how to draw the pattern, and how to tape and paint. The book also includes a color chart referring to the shades of Fusion Mineral Paints used, my key tips and tricks, and thick, color pages throughout! 

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