Cape May Mariner's Compass Barn Quilt Pattern

Cape May Mariner's Compass Barn Quilt Pattern

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pages: 16

Skill Level: Advanced 

*This pattern is not on a traditional square grid like most Baker Nest Patterns. The Cape May Mariner's Compass is a 16 point design that can be drawn on a square pallet or circle pallet. If drawing the pattern on a circle pallet, a compass will also be needed to determine the degrees where the lines will be drawn. If you are drawing on a square pallet, a compass is not necessary. A ruler and yardstick will be sufficient. 

Description: Mariner's Compass Variation

Collection: American Coastal

Fusion Mineral Paint Colors Used: Casement, Homestead Blue, Little Whale, Mustard

This pattern book is a complete Do-It-Yourself instruction guide that includes both written and drawn directions appropriate for the novice barn quilter to advanced. The book also includes a color chart referring to the shades of Fusion Mineral Paints I used and recommend on each design, my key tips and tricks, and thick, color pages throughout!